Lead Generation Campaigns- A short and efficient way to boost your sales

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May 21  |  Blog  |   admin

One of the most efficient ways to reach out to prospects in a new market is to perform a lead generation campaign. If you need to provide quality leads to your Sales Team quickly, nothing beats lead generation campaigns.

What is exactly a lead generation campaign and how to go about it?

1-Define your target audience: You need to define which market segments you would like to reach and within these segments, you need to define the organizations as well as the positions of the people you would like to reach.

2- Email lists. Now that you have defined your ideal target audience you need to select the right supplier that can reach out to this desired audience. You can try and buy databases but this is not always the best solution as you need to start segmenting them and it may also involve legal issues. You are better off contacting exhibitions organizers or media companies that have extensive email lists that are more targeted by far. In addition, this avoids legal constraints as the recipients have opted in to such mailing lists.

3-Content asset: you need to offer content that is valuable and attractive enough so your prospects will fill up a form to download it. The content can be industry information, a piece of software that will make their life easier, a special offer or even a salary survey. Don’t be afraid to get creative, as long the content is relevant and attractive to your specific audience.

4-The email cover letter: it has to be short, straight to the point and very professional. Remember if your audience is targeted, there is no need to try to sell your product in the cover letter. Let them go from the email to your landing pages.

5-The landing page: the landing page should be prepared especially for the email campaign and it has only one purpose: make visitors fill up a contact form. If you are unsure about your email letter or landing page, there are experts on such matters who will be be happy to help.

6-Lead handling: this is a delicate task on which your marketing and sales departments need to work hand in hand. A sales representative should contact a lead within 24 hours of receiving a form with the details of a prospect. If you don’t have the time or the resources to do so, then you should consider whether a lead generation campaign is the appropriate strategy for you.

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