Studio Kahn’s ecooler is selected to participate in an Energy Efficiency Call for Projects in Paris

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May 20  |  News  |   admin

Marketing First handles all marketing and business development efforts for the Israeli Office of Paris Region Economic Development Agency.  As such, we are often requested to interest Israeli companies in a specific event or a specific call for projects taking place in Paris.

In March 2013, we were asked to identify interesting Israeli companies with innovative solutions that would be interested to apply for a call for projects in the field of Energy Efficiency. This call for projects is organized by Ville de Paris and aims to implement innovative solutions that would help save energy in building for residential and business purposes.

We contacted several relevant Israeli companies and created awareness for this project through the web site and online marketing efforts.

One of the most interesting projects presented to us, was the award-winning Ecooler by Studio Kahn. Ecooler uses natural water seepage and evaporation throgh ceramic tiles to keep spaces cool and create a relaxing atmosphere, while serving as a decorative elements in the home or the office.

Ecooler combines two ancient  concepts. The clay Jara, an ancient jug, used to keep water cool by seepage and evaporation through the clay. The mashrabiya, on the other hand, was a creative tool to separate indoor and outdoor spaces while allowing for an infusion of air and light.

Ecooler was selected for the project and Studio Kahn is currently moving forward with the Call for projects with the goal of implementing the solution in selected buildings in Paris.

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