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Logo Evida: The power of Electric Vehicles

Mia Electric vehicles powered by Evida battery packs
to be delivered to first fleet customers in Q3 of 2011.

Coventry, UK, 2 June 2011 – Evida Power, Ltd.,, a leading designer and manufacturer of lithium-ion battery packs for electric vehicles (EVs),  is pleased to announce the commencement of manufacturing of full-specification homologated battery packs for the German and French electric vehicle maker, Mia Electric. The custom-designed lithium-iron phosphate 8 kWh energy systems will be used to power the automaker’s debut three and four-seater microbus models.

Evida has begun shipping the battery packs, which will be integrated within the vehicles on Mia Electric’s assembly line in Cerizay (France) from 1 June 2011. During the full-scale production programme, Evida will supply the automaker with up to 10,000 units per annum until 2016, and Mia’s first zero-emission city vehicles are scheduled to be delivered to municipal and commercial fleet operators in the third quarter of this year.

Evida previously announced a $250 million contract with Mia Electric, one of the largest deals in the EV sector to date, at the recent 2011 Geneva International Motor Show. Since then, the battery pack manufacturer’s workforce has grown to over twenty highly-experienced automotive engineers and supply chain managers across the organisation’s principal locations at their new European headquarters in Coventry (UK), as well as in its Chinese production facility and Israel satellite office. In addition, Evida has deployed engineering personnel to Mia’s French assembly plant in order to ensure the continued and seamless integration of the battery system within the Mia vehicles.

Commenting on the announcement, Trevor Power, Evida’s Chief Operating Officer explains, “The start of the volume manufacture of battery packs for Mia Electric is significant and signals a clear demonstration of our ability to offer customers a bespoke and cost effective solution which can be rapidly progressed from concept to production.”

“We have worked closely with Mia Electric to create a fully-integrated battery pack which provides the optimum balance of range, power, and cost to the end-user. Our cost-effective solution allows Mia to achieve a price point for its fully homologated EV that will enable it to achieve breakthrough sales volumes,” adds Mr Power.

Mr. Laurent Buffeteau, Managing Director of Mia Electric, says: “Evida’s battery technology lies at the heart of our forthcoming model range and has been custom designed to the specification of each of our vehicles. The launch of the production process is the result of the very successful and ongoing collaboration between both parties, and represents a major step forward in our desire to offer customers a practical and affordable zero-emission mobility solution.”

Notes to Editors

About Evida

Evida designs, develops and manufactures high-quality and cost-effective lithium-ion battery packs for the electric vehicle (EV) market. Evida’s products are custom engineered to suit specific client needs and are delivered complete with battery management systems (BMS) and CAN integration. A portfolio company of Terra Venture Partners (, Israel’s premier clean energy venture capital fund, Evida is a US-registered company with operations in Europe, Israel and China, and aspires to become a leading enabler of electric vehicles, providing battery pack design, EV integration services and customised financial solutions to enable the uptake of commercial electric fleets. For more information on Evida, visit

Media contacts

For further press information, images, and interview requests, please contact:

Ranbir Sahota


Tel: +44 (0)121 242 8048

Simon Wittenberg


Tel: +44 (0)7752 966167

Analyzing your Google Analytics reports

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August 30  |  Blog, News  |   admin

if you are new to Google Analytics or even if you are an experienced user, it might be worth your while to go through the different videos available on their YouTube Channel.

I personally find it more appealing and somehow clearer to understand a certain topic by watching a video clip rather than going through paragraphs and paragraphs of text.

So here is the link below:

CDI Systems et Deswarte&partners en France signent un accord de partenariat

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Deswarte&Partners est une société de conseil dans les domaines de la presse et l'éditionCDI Systems Logo

Lille le 12 Mai 2011
Deswarte&partners et CDI Systems ont signé un accord de partenariat pour introduire la plate-forme d’édition électronique NetIS™ sur le marché de la presse française. Deswarte & Partners une société de conseil française avait identifié depuis longtemps le besoin qu’ont les éditeurs d’avoir une plate-forme qui leur permettrait de vendre du contenu digital facilement tout en le protégeant.
“Nous cherchions une solution comme NetIS™ depuis des années” mentionne Antoine Deswarte, “nous avons très vite compris que NetIS™ est la seule plate-forme de publication électronique qui répond à tous les besoins de nos clients. Nous n’avons pu trouver nulle part sur le marché une plate-forme qui offre une telle force au niveau de la gestion des droits tout en permettant d’excellents classements sur Google”
“Les éditeurs de presse doivent effectuer une transition réussie du contenu imprimé au contenu digital”, précise le directeur marketing France de CDI, Rachel Kanat, “ils doivent progressivement passer d’un contenu imprimé à un contenu digital. Ils doivent aussi mettre en place des modèles de ventes qui complèteront leurs ventes hors ligne. NetIS™ offre des outils de commerce électronique qui permettent une myriade de scénarios de vente: Images incitatives et prévisualisation, achat de fichier unique, vente de produits dérivés contextuels au contenu, revenus publicitaires suite aux excellents classements sur Google.”
Nous sommes très heureux de collaborer avec Deswarte&partners ajoute le PDG de CDI, Itzhak Levit. “C’est une équipe très professionelle possédant une grande expérience dans le secteur de la presse. Ensemble, nous allons pouvoir présenter NetIS™ aux acteurs de la presse en France.”
Deswarte&partners va déjà présenter NetIS™ au prochain Congrès de la Presse Hebdomadaire Régionale” à Mulhouse le 26 et 27 Mai 2011.
A propos de Deswarte&partners

Deswarte&partners est une société indépendante de tous prestataires de la presse, nous nous positionnons aux côtés de nos clients éditeurs afin de les aider à faire les meilleurs choix stratégiques et opérationnels dans le respect d’une mise en oeuvre efficace et pérenne,
adaptée à leurs capacités financières.

A propos de CDI Systems et de NetIS™ la plate-forme d’édition électronique
La société CDI Systems est un acteur de premier plan dans les solutions destinées au marché de l’édition électronique. NetIS™ est le premier logiciel d’édition en ligne qui intègre des outils de DRM (Gestion des Droits Numériques), de WCM (Gestion de Contenu Web), de recherche documentaire et de commerce électronique dans un logiciel simple, uniforme et permettant la distribution et la vente sécurisées de contenu de qualité.
De nombreux éditeurs ainsi que des organisations prestigieuses comme l’EDQM (La Direction Européenne de la Qualité des Médicaments&Soins de Santé) ou Dun&Bradstreet utilisent NetIS™ pour gérer leur contenu numérique. Pour plus d’informations, consultez
Pour recevoir un complément d’informations
CDI Systems
Gedaliah Gurfein- Directeur technique de CDI Systems
Téléphone: +972 2 5870112
Deswarte & Partners
Antoine Deswarte
Téléphone: +33 (0) 6 20 03 61 51

CPA web sites that combine professionalism with creativity

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October 1  |  Blog, News  |   admin

It is very hard for a CPA firm to establish a presence on the web.

Indeed it has to present the firm’s professionalism, seriousness and knowledge but together with that it has to show its USP (unique selling proposition) and try to differentiate itself from the zillions of other firms available out there. Tough job…

Here are a few ones that have managed to accomplish all of this and actually made me smile.

Philip Stein and Associates


Pay attention to the presentation of the partners under

DOAAR (Department of Accounting and

GoMidjets Wins Another IBM Recognition‎

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June 20  |  Blog, News  |   admin

June 6th, 2011. GoMidjets celebrates a new award – the IBM Champion Award. Mr. Tamir Gefen, CEO of GoMidjets has been recognized as an exceptional contributor to the IBM Rational community for his technical expertise and mentorship of others. The IBM Champion Award is now added to the IBM Beacon Award that GoMidjets won in 2010 for outstanding contribution to the developers’ community.

Tamir Gefen with Kristof Kloeckner – General Manager of IBM Rational‎

Tamir Gefen with Kristof Kloeckner – General Manager of IBM Rational‎

The awards recognize the company’s commitment to improve software development processes through useful configuration management (CM) and application life-cycle management (ALM) tools. GoMidjets was founded with the aim of assisting R&D Managers, ClearCase administrators, and Developers to reduce risks, work efficiently and solve real-life problems. To achieve these goals, the company offers a range of products and services to Rational ClearCase users.

Tamir Gefen, GoMidjets CEO said “I am thankful to our customers who nominated me for this prize. It makes me proud to see that we are delivering business value to customers and partners around the world. For me, it’s a pleasure to share the expertise we accumulated during years of hard work in this area, and be able to help others improve the efficiency and quality of their software development.”

About GoMidjets

GoMidjets provides products and services for application life-cycle management (ALM) and configuration management (CM) specializing in IBM Rational products , heterogeneous environments and cloud computing. All products and services are based on hands-on experience with innovative enterprises in a variety of sectors including aerospace, defense, telecom, banking, services, and electronics.

Innovative Israeli start up Es-Is attends prestigious Innoventure Event

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December 13  |  Blog, News  |   admin

The Israeli Office of Paris Region Economic Development Agency invited the innovative start up to apply for the Event and assisted it in the selection process.

Innoventure Events are organized every quarter and allow top tier French and European financial organizations to meet with innovative startups that have been carefully chosen according to specific criteria:

-their level of technological innovation
-their management’s strength
-their growth potential
-their capacity of generating a nice return on investment

The Innoventure Events are an excellent platforms for startups that wish to receive funding. Every quarter, the Israeli Office of Paris Region Economic Development Agency reaches out to specific Israeli companies and invites them to attend the relevant Innoventure events.

Read the full article here

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Let’s meet at Cleantech 2011

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June 16  |  Blog, News  |   admin

We will be exhibiting at Cleantech 2011 and we will be happy to meet you there.
Come and see us at Booth 33.

Cleantech 2011 בקרו אותנו בתערוכה

Marketing applications for social networks

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November 20  |  Blog, News  |   admin

Social networks are blossoming and attracting a wide audience of users.Marketing on these networks is exciting but challenging due to the mass of information and users available.I believe we will see now more and more applications that are aiming to help us , marketeers, have an easier life marketing products or services on those networks.
I came across 2 applications that have the ambition to do so.
The first one called itweetlive works with Twitter (obviously)

The second one called customer win focuses on Facebook

You can watch a short movie there

Enjoy and please give me your comments

Marketing First hosts InfoSlips a South African company specialized in the delivery of transactional documentation through various electronic channels

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June 19  |  Blog, News  |   admin

InfoSlips e-billing providerInfoSlips is an award winning e-billing provider distributing millions of documents to thousands of customers every month

InfoSlips takes digital documentation to a whole new level of interaction and engagement as illustrated in this 2 minute video.

They allow fleet management, financial services and telecom companies to supply their final customers with documentation that is interactive, self-explanatory and very user-friendly.

InfoSlips sample of financial statement

They will be in Israel from June 21st to June 24th and will be meeting with a series of prestigious Israeli fin-tech companies.
Contact us if you would like to have an evening drink with them.

Marketing First in collaboration with MOPS completes a successful Roadshow in Paris for Idomoo

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July 9  |  Blog, News  |   admin

Marketing First in collaboration with MOPS, under the leadership of Rachel Kanat and Carmi Bloch, completed a successful roadshow in Paris for cloud-based video technology company Idomoo.  Idomoo generated a lot of enthusiasm among French companies and within a short period received partnerships offers and projects for about 100K€.

Idomoo’s vision is to enable more effective marketing via video-based digital CRM – engaging personally with each and every customer leveraging groundbreaking personalized video technology. The company attended a 2 day-roadshow in Paris and met a series of potential partners from relevant market segments  in various fields, such as video integration, IT consulting & implementation, digital media and a series of potential customers in the telecom and insurance industries.

The company achieved an excellent ROI by quickly generating interest & exposure to desired market segments as well as offers to participate in specific projects where their technology can prove crucial.

Contact us to get more details on our next roadshow in Paris.

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Prezi: the end of boring presentations

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October 20  |  Blog, News  |   admin

Today I would like to talk about a great presentation tool called Prezi.
All of us obviously know Power Point and have seen or heard endless presentations on Power Point. In the best scenario, the presenter was charismatic and with a good sense of humor so you didn’t fall asleep during the presentation. But in most cases, you found the presentation rather boring and found it hard to be concentrated till the end.
Well with Prezi, you can make a very enticing and catching presentation and increase the chances of keeping your audience concentrated till the end.
How does it work?
Prezi allows you to create a presentation that looks like story telling. Instead of boring slides with a lot of text, Prezi allows you to concentrate on your main messages and visuals and displays each part of the story with different effects making the whole result far more interactive.
As Prezi’s CEO says so well:
“Prezi is the best tool for showing relation and context just like on a map.”
Check it out for yourself by clicking on the URL below:

Studio Kahn’s ecooler is selected to participate in an Energy Efficiency Call for Projects in Paris

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May 20  |  News  |   admin

Marketing First handles all marketing and business development efforts for the Israeli Office of Paris Region Economic Development Agency.  As such, we are often requested to interest Israeli companies in a specific event or a specific call for projects taking place in Paris.

In March 2013, we were asked to identify interesting Israeli companies with innovative solutions that would be interested to apply for a call for projects in the field of Energy Efficiency. This call for projects is organized by Ville de Paris and aims to implement innovative solutions that would help save energy in building for residential and business purposes.

We contacted several relevant Israeli companies and created awareness for this project through the web site and online marketing efforts.

One of the most interesting projects presented to us, was the award-winning Ecooler by Studio Kahn. Ecooler uses natural water seepage and evaporation throgh ceramic tiles to keep spaces cool and create a relaxing atmosphere, while serving as a decorative elements in the home or the office.

Ecooler combines two ancient  concepts. The clay Jara, an ancient jug, used to keep water cool by seepage and evaporation through the clay. The mashrabiya, on the other hand, was a creative tool to separate indoor and outdoor spaces while allowing for an infusion of air and light.

Ecooler was selected for the project and Studio Kahn is currently moving forward with the Call for projects with the goal of implementing the solution in selected buildings in Paris.

Yahoo launches Yahoo clues

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September 20  |  Blog, News  |   admin

Yahoo recently launched a service called Yahoo Clues

The service aims at giving search information related to a specific keyword.

Try it there

Google has a similar service called Google Trends that has been available for quite a while now.