We provide comprehensive marketing services, from planning to execution. Our challenge is to find creative ways to bring our client’s messages to the market in new and effective ways. Marketing activities are coordinated with business development services to ensure that initial interest translates into profitable business.

For each project, Marketing First hires top-level designers, website builders, PR firms and others, specializing in a variety of areas and providing a flexible price range to answer the changing needs of our clients.

Marketing services are provided as stand-alone projects, or on an ongoing basis, according to customer needs and requirements.

Our services include:

  • Marketing planning: market review, SWOT analysis, identifying venues, media and campaign planning, including budgets and timelines.
  • Campaign management: preparing brief, campaign concept, media buying, production (design, copywriting, printing, etc.), and full execution. Campaigns may include online marketing, print advertisement, video marketing, customer & partners retention campaigns, PR, and more.
  • Trade shows, events and exhibitions: concept, pre-show PR and marketing, booth design and execution, lead management, training for booth workers, and post-show follow up materials and monitoring.
  • Marketing collateral: print and web materials such as websites, brochures, direct mail, posters & roll-ups, presentations, white papers and articles, and more.
  • Branding: creating a clear positioning and brand values expressed in logo, tagline, and corporate identity.
  • Online marketing: search engine marketing, social media marketing, banner advertising, word of mouth programs.
  • Copywriting: company and product names, slogans, web copy and print materials, landing pages, corporate materials, investor materials.
  • Public Relations: Classic PR services and online & social media services
  • Financial communications: Roadshow coordination, Financial Media, Transaction Communications
  • Corporate Communications: Business and Trade Media Relations, Corporate¬†Positioning, Executive Visibility

A team of web specialists.

We are a fusion of multi-field specialists and offer fluency in a number of European languages combined with expertise in SEO, PPC Campaigns and Social Media Marketing.

Our services include:

1-Search engine marketing: Site Architecture Analysis, Keyword Density and Content Flow Recommendations, Keyword Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Link Building Plan
2-Social media marketing: Identify the Relevant Social Networks and blogs, create a company account, feed the account with relevant content and recruit fans and followers
3-PPC campaigns on Google and Facebook: setting up the account, define the settings, keywords, landing pages, follow up and adjust the settings for each group of ads and keywords, optimizing the bidding and the position of the ads
4-Google Analytics monitoring and web site traffic analysis
5-Banner advertising: Identify the relevant media channels, concept development, banners production, result monitoring
6-Customer retention programs (newsletters, webinars, email campaigns)

Case Studies

Case Study 1: bSolar

Case Study 2: The Israeli Office of Paris Region Economic Development Agency

Case Study 2: The Israeli Office of Paris Region Economic Development Agency Ongoing Marketing Support

Case Study 3: GamaSec

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