Marketing First boosts the business development efforts of Nidaria Technology

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December 2  |  Blog  |   admin

Nidaria Technology hired the services of Marketing First in September 2014 in order to increase its visibility on the Western European markets and sign partnership agreements with distributors in Western Europe.

Nidaria Technology is a biotech company which developed a revolutionary product that protects swimmers from both sun rays and jellyfish stings. Their range of products-SafeSea- is unique, the result of many years of hard work in R&D and clinical trials.  Jellyfish stings are a major obstacle for open sea swimmers and Nidaria’s products help international athletes overcome this nuisance and break new records.

Marketing First faced the challenge of defining and identifying the right organizations that could be appropriate partners for Nidaria Technologies and push SafeSea in their local market.

Within 3 months, Marketing First secured enthusiastic media coverage for the company and initiated partnerships with companies focusing on niche cosmetics as well as large laboratories.

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